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That Empowers Technology.
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Jewellery That Pairs
With Your Phone.
Safer is a compact device that goes inside your Ziveg Jewellery and empowers it to understand technology.

The device, when paired with the SAFER app enables your jewellery to get instant notifications, act as a location tracker, an SOS device and even click selfies!
Realtime Notifications
Control what you want to see and how you want to stay connected. Filtered alerts based on your selection criteria.​
Empowering You.
In case of emergencies, Press it twice and it sends an instant alert along with your exact location to your guardians so they coordinate to get the required help.
Click Zelfies
Selfies become old school as we introduce ZELFIES. ZIVEG Safer Smart Jewellery is the jewellery that really clicks. ​​
Safer Walk
Get real time tracking of your location and your movement as you travel at odd hours and keep your loved ones assured about your safety.
Insure and Ensure Safety of Your Employees.
Creating an atmosphere at the workplace where everyone feel safer and speak their minds with power.
Let's Gift Happiness.
Gift your love the happiness which is Timeless.
Limitless. Endless. Some gifts are treasured because they define the bonds shared.
Choice is a beautiful thing.